My amazing experience with the apple juice diet to burn fat in a weeK

 My experience with the apple juice diet is worth sharing because it helped me lose weight and burn the fat that I accumulate. 

I was able to apply this diet very easily and in days not exceeding one week. That is why I learned the best way to prepare this juice and learned about its many benefits. 

That is why I advise everyone who wants to lose weight, sculpt the body, and be fit to learn about my experience with the apple juice diet.

What happens if you eat a green apple every day?

Do green apples burn belly fat?
Which apple is best for weight loss?

My amazing experience with the apple juice diet to burn fat in a week

apple juice diet benefits

Before I tell you my experience with the apple juice diet, I must point out the many benefits that this fruit contains. 

It is known that eating it helps to feel full in the periods that separate the main meals. The reason is that it contains, according to the nutritionist, a high percentage of fiber. 

The most important thing is that eating apples provides the body with a lot of nutrients and vitamins that the body needs to perform its various functions.

As for apple juice, especially the green type, it has many properties that help burn fat accumulated for various reasons in several areas of the body. 

Eating it stimulates the metabolism. It is also an important source of antioxidants that rid the body of toxins and enhance the fat-burning process. 

That's why I decided to take it with my healthy diet.

Apple juice diet method

I did not find any difficulty in applying this diet. His method is very easy, as I made sure to drink a cup of green apples 3 times a day, especially after I learned that this helps to burn at least 600 calories. 

On the other hand, I followed the preparation of the main meals at home, which contained healthy natural ingredients. 

I completely abstained from eating foods rich in fats and from sugars and applied the program for a week. During which I did not stop walking for 30 minutes a day. 

At the end of the dieting period, I noticed that I had lost 3 kilograms. To maintain the beauty of my body, I continued to follow the health system after that.

Apple juice for weight loss

After I narrated my experience with the apple diet, it is necessary to reveal the secret of this mixture, which helps to enjoy a healthy body and sculpt harmful fats. The preparation process is very easy.


Green or red apple

juice of one lemon

 Apple juice diet program to burn body fat quickly

A few leaves of mint

A cup of cold water and ice cubes can be added

 Apple juice diet program to burn body fat quickly


It is very easy to prepare this recipe and to do that I did these steps.

1 Wash the apple well and chop it with the peel.

2 Put the pieces in a blender and add cold water, lemon juice, and washed mint leaves.

3 Mix the ingredients well until they turn into a smooth mixture.

Here is my unique experience with the apple juice diet program to burn body fat quickly

 4 I poured the mixture into a glass for juice and put it in the refrigerator for some time. After it got cold, I drank it when I was hungry between breakfast and lunch. 

Later, I made another cup, which I had before dinner. This time I added a few ice cubes and a little honey to the shake.

Although my experience with the apple diet was successful, before applying it, I visited the specialist to consult her about the effectiveness of this diet, its benefits, and its harms. 

She advised me to drink juices in general in moderate quantities while eating healthy foods because this prevents suffering from the side effects of any harsh diet aimed at losing weight and dissolving harmful fats.

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