Polypill: Does it treat heart disease? knowing them

What is a polypill? 

Can it prevent or treat heart disease? 

The term polypill describes a pill that contains a group of many medications usually used to treat heart disease and high blood pressure, and doctors are unsure about what specific 

group of drugs to put in a polypill, and it is believed that a low dose of each of these drugs Medicines that can be effective: Aspirin. Cholesterol-lowering drugs. 

Polypill: Does it treat heart disease?

Medicines that make the heart beat less hard (beta blockers). Medicines that help open blood vessels - ACE inhibitors. 

Currently, the polypill is not available for sale in the United States, and the drug is often used as a treatment option for people who already have a heart attack or stroke, and it is 

possible that the polypill is not used as a preventive measure for people who have not had a heart attack. 

or a stroke, because the risks associated with some of the medications included in the polypill, such as aspirin, may outweigh the potential benefits of such treatment. 

Studies conducted on the polypill indicate that the combination drug helps people adhere 

better to their treatment, perhaps because it is easier to remember to take one drug than several drugs, and the research showed the effectiveness of the polypill in improving blood pressure and cholesterol levels.  

But the multi-pill 

- Polypill - may cause more side effects than the drugs do when taken alone, and one of the disadvantages of the multi-pill 

- Polypill 

- is that determining drug doses cannot be adjusted as easily as it can with individual medicines, and some common side effects of the multi-pill 

- Polypill Includes coughing, muscle aches, and stomach irritation.

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