Its initial idea came in the late eighties as a powder added to low-fat milk before drinking, but it expanded to form a complete diet that has its own meals with accurately calculated calories. And get rid of obesity.

Slimfast before and after

Ingredients for ready-made fast food meals

This diet is based on replacing two of the three meals of the day with (Slim Fast) products, one of which contains a mixture prepared by the same company of various nutrients necessary for the body. 

The individual from the site is to give him a total of calories not to exceed 500 calories.

He must also include 3 “snacks” among the previous three prepared by the company (Slim Fast) in a way that gives its consumer 100 calories per snack, or she may choose a fruit from the fruit as a substitute for it, thus we get six meals per day that guarantees its consumers an actual weight loss. 

These processed meals are distinguished by containing various types of flavoring, making the choice open to fast dieters to choose what they want without depriving them of the delicious taste.

Example of the Slim Fast Diet food plan

Breakfast: Slim Fast French shake with vanilla flavor.

Snack: Half a banana.

Lunch: 1 bar of ready-made Slim Fast chocolate.

Snack: one apple.

Dinner: 1 plate of Asian veal salad (components can be found on the Slim Fast website).

Snack: 1 Bar of Slim Fast Vanilla Chocolate.

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Benefits of the Slim Fast Diet

The benefits of this diet may seem to us limited compared to its harms, and with the help of what was reported by Sam Robbins’ website, we can summarize them as follows:

Easy, all you have to do is to buy (Slim Fast) products without worrying or fearing an increase in calories, especially since they are calculated in advance, and as for the main meal, you can choose the recipe you want from the same site.

A timeless convenience, it's easy to take shakes or snacks to your workplace or school.

Rich in minerals and vitamins, the need to consume more of them outside of meals makes it less important.

Light restriction, it obliges its followers to eat the main meal that does not exceed 500 calories, and in a way, you can eat what you desire in this meal provided that the previous total calories are adhered to. It is also important to avoid eating foods rich in salt to ensure the desired result.

The disadvantages that may result from following the Slim Fast diet

In an article published on his own website, Nutritionist Josh Axe discussed the harmful effects of a fast diet on an individual's health, as he showed how canola oil (a compound 

added to Slim Fast blends) raises the level of bad cholesterol (LDL) in the blood while reducing the good of it ( HDL); This is what predisposes to many cardiovascular diseases, especially atherosclerosis, in addition to the fact that these mixtures contain large quantities of sugars that will inevitably harm diabetics if they follow this diet.

In turn, he criticizes the flavorings added to (Slim Fast) ready-made foods and advises the contrary to consume the actual food without resorting to artificial flavoring from it. 

He never forgot the importance of noting that some mixtures contain substances that predispose to the occurrence of infections and cancers, such as Carrageenan, which is recommended to be avoided due to its toxic and harmful effects on the liver.

On the other hand, a study concerned with the effect of four well-known diets, including Slim Fast, on levels of bad cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood was published in 2009 

on the Public Health Nutrition website, in which it was indicated that there were no noticeable changes in the level of ( LDL) and blood lipids after six months of 500 participants following the Slim Fast Diet.

In conclusion, our article aims to review the principle of the fast diet and introduce its mechanisms and steps, and we are always keen to alert you to the need to consult a nutritionist who determines the safety of following this diet or not and advises you on a healthy eating plan that suits your daily needs and your current weight.

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