Suffering from poor blood circulation? - Here are ways to improve it

Some people suffer from a disorder or poor circulation in the body, which results in some side effects such as general weakness, fatigue, exhaustion, and other health complications, which require continuous follow-up with a specialist doctor.

Suffering from poor blood circulation? - Here are ways to improve it

In the following report, "Consulto" reviews the most prominent ways that help improve blood circulation in the body, according to the "WebMD" website

Studies have shown that the body contains about 60,000 miles of blood vessels, along with the heart and muscles, and the function of these vessels is to transport blood to all corners of the body, and therefore poor circulation causes the poor blood flow in cells and the body.

Signs of poor blood circulation

There are many signs of poor blood circulation in the body, as are evident in:

  • Cold hands and feet.
  • Skin dryness.
  • Nails brittle.
  • Hair loss.
  • Erectile dysfunction in men.
  • Legs appear blue.
  • Increased ulcers and wounds, especially when you have diabetes.

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How to improve blood circulation

1- Avoid smoking

Cigarettes contain nicotine as the active ingredient in cigarettes, which makes them harmful to the artery walls and thus causes the poor blood circulation in the body, so smoking should be avoided permanently.

2- Regulating blood pressure

The results of some studies have shown that high blood pressure causes atherosclerosis, and then stops the blood flow, as the normal blood pressure is 120/80, so continuous follow-up with the specialist and continuous measurement of blood pressure is necessary.

3- Drink plenty of water

The blood in the body is about half the amount of water, so you must be careful to keep the body hydrated constantly by drinking 8 glasses of water a day, and it is preferable to increase the amount of water if you exercise or go out in hot weather.

4- stand up

Sitting for a long time directly affects the blood circulation or the health of the back, causing slow blood flow in the legs and easy stroke, and therefore it is preferable to stand at intervals and avoid sitting for a long time.

5- Doing sports

Exercising directly helps pump oxygen, including running, cycling, and swimming, it works to strengthen heart health and lower blood pressure, and therefore it is preferable to exercise daily for 30 minutes to get the best results. 

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