The normal rate of weight loss per month. let's go

Losing weight is a basic desire for many people to appear harmonious, tight, and in good condition, and they can also have the ideal weight to wear their favorite clothes 

but in fact, losing weight is a very complicated process, as some think that just by following a certain diet, they will lose all their excess weight within a month For example, the reality is different from that.

Is it realistic to lose 10 pounds in a month?

Can I lose 10 kg in a month?

The normal rate of weight loss per month. let's go

There is no fixed rate of excess weight loss per month, as the largest doctors and specialists cannot expect a specific number of kilograms that a person loses in one month, as there are more factors that affect the weight loss process, including the individual’s age, gender, and weight. 

Current and other matters of individuals such as chronic diseases, the nature of the body, and places of fat accumulation.

The diet followed plays an effective role in the missing number of kilograms achieved each month, as the person who follows a 600-calorie diet is not the same as the one who eats 1000 calories per day 

so a low-calorie diet must be followed to obtain a satisfactory result for individuals at the end of each month.

The rate of weight loss per month ranges between 2 to four pounds per month and may reach eight pounds, and this also determines the amount of excess weight in the body. 

Of the extra weight, he can achieve the greatest rate of weight loss, which may reach 20 pounds per month, unlike people who have a little extra weight, so they lose weight very slowly, and this is because those with large weight have a large amount of water stored in their body. 

By losing it very quickly at first, then the body loses the rest of the accumulated fat slowly

Reasons for not losing weight

There are many reasons why people stop losing weight, which makes them feel frustrated about the diet they follow, but sometimes it just needs more follow-up and awareness about the nature of the body and how to lose fat. The most important reasons to know about weight stability:

Weight stability may be normal

It is normal, after losing part of the extra weight, the body begins a period of stability and stability in weight, and this does not mean that the body does not lose fat, but may 

redistribute fat in the body or replace fat with water and then lose it once or the extra weight gained is in muscle formation Instead of fats, and this is what often happens in athletes or those who follow sports activities with diet.

Although the weight is sometimes stable, by observing the size of the clothes and the size of the body in poison, a noticeable change is noticed, so there is no need to worry about the stability of the weight for a few days 

weeks or even a whole month, so doctors and specialists advise that people stay away from the scale and not follow the weight except every month so as not to People get bored and stay away from diets.

Not paying attention to what one eats

Many people follow the diet from their point of view only because they are always hungry or they eat at intervals or are committed to half a loaf of bread, but they do not follow the 

a number of fats, sugars, or calories they eat, and there are some foods and fruits that cause weight stability. 

Therefore, it is always recommended to follow a diet prescribed by the doctor, and it is also recommended to record everything people eat during the day to have enough information about what they eat.

Not sleeping well

Sleep is one of the main factors that the body needs to lose weight safely and naturally. According to studies, the body is in a state of constant burning throughout an individual's 

sleep and studies have confirmed that individuals who suffer from a lack of sleep are the same who suffer from obesity.

The disease state of the individual

Some pathological conditions cause weight gain and make it difficult to lose weight, as people who suffer from hypothyroidism, polycystic ovary syndrome, or vitamin D 

deficiency, so you should pay attention to their health condition and take the necessary drugs so that individuals can lose weight in a way perfect.

Not drinking enough water

The first piece of advice for healthily losing weight is to drink a large amount of water, as water is the main factor in losing a large amount of fat, and there is a 12-week study 

conducted on a group of dieters resulted in people who kept drinking a glass of water before Half an hour meals and those who ate the right amounts of water for their weight losing 44% more weight than those who didn't stick to a large amount of water.

Nutritional tips to help you lose weight

Losing weight, in general, is very good, as weight gain is considered a disease, but you must pay attention to when losing weight is dangerous, as there are certain percentages 

of weight loss, and there is a certain number that must be fixed and not exceeded so that people do not suffer from weakness or health problems 

and to To lose weight properly, you must follow the proper scientific methods for losing weight, including 

Refrain from eating sugar

The first and golden advice for losing weight is to completely avoid eating sugars, which would raise blood sugar, increase body fat and spoil the diet, and you should completely 

refrain from eating carbonated materials and soda because they are saturated with sugar and very harmful.

Drink plenty of water

Doctors recommend drinking 2 liters of water daily so that the body can carry out its vital functions and lose weight perfectly, and water helps to feel full and enhances digestion and the process of burning food.

Eat protein and fiber

To lose weight, you must follow a diet that depends primarily on eating protein and fiber, which in turn helps build the body, muscles, and body.

A feeling of satiety and fullness.

Eating home meals

Home-cooked food People can know its calories and cook it in a healthy and ideal way, unlike ready-made meals that are full of fat and calories, which cause many health problems in the long run.

Playing sports

Sports, even if it is as simple as jogging and walking, will enter the body in a state of burning and promote weight loss, and work to build muscles 

as well as help to form excellent muscle mass, so exercise and continuity must be exercised because it helps to lose weight, activates the body, and works to maintain health. 

Physical and psychological, specialists also advise that exercise should precede breakfast and not eat after seven in the evening.

Sleeping early enough for a sufficient number of hours

Adequate sleep helps a perfect burn and a perfect body, and also contributes to a clear mind and body activity, all of which are essential for losing weight, so sleep must be maintained.

permanent examination

A permanent examination of the body and body systems must be carried out, and blood tests should be done to ensure the percentage of vitamins in the body, the state of the thyroid gland, examination of the ovaries for women, blood sugar and blood pressure for people to lose weight in a healthy and ideal way.

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