Ways to lose weight fast. How do you lose 10 kilos in a month?

Extra pounds are one of the main problems facing modern society. Many comprehensive methods can really reduce weight in a short period. 

Consistent feeding techniques are supported by an accompanying training program.

Ways to lose weight fast. How do you lose 10 kilos in a month?

How do you lose 10 kilos in a month?

Can I lose 10 kg in a month?

How long will it take to lose 10kg?

An irrefutable fact is that most tips to lose 10 kg per month are harmful to your health. . . Therefore, it is important to first listen to the opinions of professionals in this field, especially fitness trainers and nutritionists.

It is necessary to develop an integrated approach to weight loss, a radical revision of the current diet, and the inclusion of various physical activities in the daily routine.

There are also general recommendations that should be followed for at least a month. They are the ones that help you get truly lasting results. These include:

Sugar and salt should be excluded from the diet. Or their consumption should be reduced to a very minimum.

Food should be eaten regularly, in small quantities, and at the same time.

To reduce hunger and stimulate metabolism, in addition to juices, tea, and broths, you should drink up to 2 liters of pure water per day.

Accelerated calorie burning begins when you do regular moderate physical activity.

The most important thing is to eat a healthy, balanced diet with gradual reductions in calories and portion sizes.

If this approach is followed, then there will be no harm to health and the lost kilograms will not have a reason to replenish.

Effective diets to lose weight up to 10 kg

The simplest type of diet that promotes weight loss by 10 kg divides foods into permitted and prohibited. 

If you eat according to this model and devote at least a few hours a week to exercise, then weight loss will be easy and efficient.

The list of prohibited products includes:

  • alcohol
  • hearty meals
  • salt;
  • sugar and all products with their contents;
  • Mayonnaise and sauces
  • spices.
  • wrinkle;
  • Fast food;
  • Smoked and fried foods.
  • sparkling water;
  • Bottled juices
  • flour products;
  • fatty meat;

You will begin to lose weight simply by eliminating everything on the menu from your diet. And when you replace it with healthy products, the process is faster.

Healthy foods include:

fat-free fermented dairy products;

  1. stewed, steamed, baked, and fresh vegetables (except potatoes);
  2. Fish and lean meat.
  3. Hard-boiled eggs;
  4. Unsweetened fruits
  5. Unrefined flour bread

Different types of cereals.

Based on these two lists, you can lose weight for more than a month without any diet, and without harm to the body.

But there are also special techniques that provide faster results. If you watch it, you can get rid of extra pounds in 4 weeks. Impressive performance can be achieved thanks to:

Vegetarian diet. Its distinguishing feature is the lack of meat in the daily diet.

Alcohol, coffee, and ground pepper are prohibited products in this case.

In this case, today's menu should contain the following products:

cereals (buckwheat, rice, oatmeal on the water);

steamed, steamed, or grilled vegetables;

Hard-boiled eggs;

rye bread;


low-fat dairy products;

olive oil;

Unsweetened fruits.

Japanese protein or diet... Your diet is based on protein intake. It not only helps reduce weight but also helps maintain muscle tone and body sculpting. 

The main principle is the almost complete restriction of carbohydrates, which are replaced by protein. This diet should be supported by physical activity throughout the month.

Indicative list for a protein diet:

breakfast - a drink of low-fat fermented milk;

snack - 150 g of congee on water;

lunch - soup with low-fat broth or lean meat with vegetables;

afternoon tea - cottage cheese with natural yogurt;

dinner - a serving of lean fish and 2 boiled eggs;

Before bed - a glass of fresh apple juice or orange juice.


The specific goal requires appropriate solutions. Together with the chosen diet, it is necessary to develop a series of strength exercises or cardio (aerobic) exercises.

The first option will help keep the skin in good condition and prevent it from sagging because the body loses weight, which is very important in the event of a sharp weight loss (in a month).

The second burn fat accumulates more efficiently, which contributes to a rapid reduction in volume.

If the maximum daily exposure is to climb stairs before choosing to sculpt, do not start exercising suddenly. 

Warm up the body before exertion by taking long walks or light warm-up exercises. And only then should you follow the exercises, but not more than 15 minutes in total.

Over time, the load should increase proportionally. The training plan is developed according to the location in which the class is held: at home or in the gym.

Women should rely on aerobic exercise, while men are more suited to weight-lifting exercises. Which, in addition to burning fat, helps build muscle mass.

For homework to be most effective, it is necessary to have weights and weights. The exercise begins as a warm-up exercise, such as push-ups or squats. 

It is worth taking courses in stretching exercises to build muscle properly.

The main complex should include the following exercises, which are performed in 3 sets of 10 repetitions:

lunges forward and to the side with dumbbells;

turn on the press


plank, 30 to 60 seconds;

squatting, even with a long-standing;

Elevate the pelvis while lying down.

raise legs



The principles of creating exercises for training in the gym are slightly different from those at home. An exercise bike or treadmill is recommended for cardio only.

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