Learn about the carbohydrate diet to lose 10 kilograms of weight

 The carbohydrate diet is a high-protein, low-carbohydrate diet that is widely promoted in the media. It has been linked to weight loss and reduced hunger, but there is no evidence that it's safe or effective.

The carbohydrate diet recommends eating only carbohydrates, such as white rice, potatoes, and pasta. 

Some people believe this diet can help you lose weight because you are not eating any fat or protein. 

But while the body stores fat and protein differently, both have calories. Eating them will make you gain weight if your calorie intake remains unchanged. 

The best way to lose weight is by eating fewer calories than you burn each day.

Learn about the carbohydrate diet to lose 10 kilograms of weight

There are several reasons why it is important not to follow a high-carbohydrate diet without good reason:

●You may become constipated or even suffer from other health problems such as kidney stones if you eat too much sugar or starch (bread and cereals).

●You could become obese because your body does not need sugar as it does with fat from food. 

The body uses sugar for energy but stores fat instead because the body does not need it for immediate energy needs like running away from an angry bear who's about to attack you! 

●If you eat too much sugar or starch, your body will turn

Carbohydrate diet to lose 10 kilograms of weight

First week:

Breakfast is uniform: skim milk, one teaspoon of honey.


Lunch: any kind of salad without oil, grilled chicken breast, half toast.

Dinner: vegetable soup, 2 toasts with egg and cheese.


Lunch: three tablespoons of boiled rice, boiled chicken.

Dinner: fresh fruit juice, toast with white cheese.


Lunch: boiled vegetables, two grilled steaks.

Dinner: tuna salad, 2 diet toast.


Lunch: four tablespoons of rice, a plate of sauteed vegetables (boiled).

Dinner: two medium-sized fruits.


Lunch: tuna, green salad.

Dinner: two boiled eggs, toast diet.


Lunch: boiled vegetables, grilled steak, diet toast.

Dinner: one cup of skim milk, two fruits.


Lunch: grilled chicken, green salad, two fruits.

Dinner: a cup of orange juice or one orange.

second week:

Breakfast is standard: natural fruit juice.

Saturday :

Lunch: boiled vegetables, eggs, steak.

Dinner: two fruits.

Sunday :

Lunch: 4 tablespoons of pasta, a plate of sauteed vegetables.

Dinner: skim milk, fruit.


Lunch: green salad, grilled chicken breast, 2 diet toast.

Dinner: tuna salad without oil, a medium-sized apple.


Lunch: boiled vegetables, 2 diet toast.

Dinner: fruit salad.

Wednesday :

Lunch: grilled fish, green salad.

Dinner: fruit salad.

Thursday :

Lunch: 3 tablespoons of rice, a green salad, and a plate of vegetables.

Dinner: fresh fruit juice.


Lunch: grilled fish, green salad.

Dinner: fresh fruit juice.


All the people who have tried the carbohydrate diet for losing 10 kilograms of weight, became slim and successful thanks to this diet. 

Now we advise you to pass the test of this diet, try this diet for several weeks and then you will notice that in fact it has a great effect on losing your weight.

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