Treatment of thinness for men with home methods

 Thinness in men is not something that's going to go away. It's a normal thing and it will be around for a long time to come.

Treatment of thinness for men with home methods

There is no such thing as a healthy weight for men, but there are some pretty good guidelines for what you should be shooting for.

Women are usually concerned about their weight because they like to look good, but men are often concerned about their weight because they want to feel good. So if you're a man and you're worried about your weight, then here's what you need to do:

Get up every morning and take at least 15 minutes of exercise before breakfast. This way, your body will have more energy and you'll feel better during the day. 

You'll also be less likely to overeat later on in the day because all those calories will be spent burning off instead of being stored as fat.

Eat lots of vegetables and fruit each day, especially if they're raw vegetables (which contain more nutrients than cooked ones).

Have two servings of meat per day (and two servings of fruit), since meat contains protein which helps build muscle mass and keep your metabolism high. Also, try to get some fish into your diet every week or so; this type

Treatment of thinness for men with home methods

If the thinness is not caused by diseases and is caused by malnutrition, it is possible to treat it at home, as this is done by following the following recommendations:

1. Eat more meals

It is recommended to eat 5-6 meals a day by thin men, and it is preferable to choose foods that contain high calories to gain weight, and the most prominent of these foods are:

  • the bread.
  • grains.
  • the pasta.
  • nuts.
  • milk products.
  • eggs.

Foods rich in proteins, such as meat and poultry, but it is preferable to choose fat-free to maintain cholesterol levels in the body.

2. Drink smoothies

Whipped juices mean juices that contain several food ingredients that are mixed together, and it is recommended every time these juices are prepared to add milk, such as banana juice with milk, avocado juice with milk, and others.

3. Monitor and abstain from drinks and foods that reduce appetite

There are a group of foods that may cause a lack of appetite for some, so you should monitor the foods eaten and see if they cause loss of appetite, and if you know them, they should be avoided or eaten at the end of the day.

4. Doing sports

Exercising, especially bodybuilding, is one of the best ways to treat thin men. This method ensures a healthy weight gain, that is, an increase in muscle mass instead of fat mass.

You can join a specialized training center to achieve the desired result and continue practicing daily

Medical treatment of thinness for men

Sometimes thinness is the result of some diseases in the body, so thinness is treated by treating the cause. 

In the following, the most prominent ways to treat the causes of thinness for sick men will be explained:

1. Treatment of thinness for men resulting from thyroid disorders

Excess secretion of thyroid hormones leads to thinness. In this case, the matter is treated by one of the following methods, as prescribed by the doctor:

Treatment with drugs, the most prominent of these drugs is Carbimazole and Propylthiouracil.

Radioactive iodine therapy.

Thyroid surgery treatment.

2. Treatment of thinness for men resulting from Crohn's disease

Crohn's disease causes thinness, and the symptoms of this disease, including thinness, can be controlled by taking one of the following medications as prescribed by the doctor:

  • Aminosalicylate medications.
  • Corticosteroid medicines.
  • Immunomodulators.

3. Treatment of thinness for men caused by cancer

Cancer is treated through chemotherapy, radiotherapy, or surgery, and during treatment, a healthy, nutritious regime must be maintained that strengthens the body and maintains 

weight as much as possible, and the result of getting rid of thinness may not be achieved until some complete cancer treatment.

4. Treatment of thinness for men resulting from diabetes

It is also known that diabetes is a chronic disease and accompanies the patient throughout his life, so the resulting thinness is controlled by taking medication or insulin doses exactly as prescribed, and exercising has a role in getting rid of the thinness of diabetic patients.

Complications of not treating thinness for men

If the treatment of thinness for men is not addressed and the situation remains as it is, the body will be exposed to many health problems, especially if the thinness is caused by malnutrition, the most prominent of which are the following complications:

Osteoporosis: This is caused by a lack of minerals important for bone health, such as Calcium.

Increased exposure to bacterial diseases: Lack of food intake means losing many nutrients in the body, and this leads to weak body immunity, which results in the infection of many bacterial diseases.

Lack of self-confidence: Many men suffer from a lack of self-confidence as a result of their excessive thinness.


Men's skinny body has been always admired, therefore if your main goal is to become slim or to lose weight you should stick to the following:

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