Here are the benefits of peanut oil for hair

Peanut oil has a lot of benefits for your hair, skin, and nails. Usually, it is used to treat hair loss, nourish the scalp, stimulate the growth of new hairs and reduce the amount of shedding. 

If you are looking for new ways to use peanut oil as an ingredient in home remedies, then you should read this article that goes over some safe methods you can try out on your hair.

Here are the benefits of peanut oil for hair

Benefits of peanut oil for hair

Stimulating hair growth and strengthening

Peanut oil restores hair growth and strengthens it because it contains several fatty acids, including oleic acid, palmitic acid, and linoleic acid, and these acids play an important role in the process of stimulating hair growth again, in addition, it contains several important vitamins. 

This comes at the forefront of vitamin E, which is responsible for the process of nourishing hair follicles and strengthening them from the inside and outside.

Hair softness and shine

The antioxidant properties present in peanut oil prevent hair damage and prevent dryness, especially in summer times, as it works to maintain hair moisture, and peanut oil also helps treat split ends and provides smoothness to hair naturally.

Eliminate dandruff.

Peanut oil helps eliminate dandruff, which is one of the problems that women suffer from, as it helps improve the scalp, and it also works to treat infections, such as psoriasis, because it contains compounds that have anti-inflammatory properties.

Prevent protein loss from hair

Peanut oil helps to form a protective layer for the hair, which contributes to preventing the loss of protein from the hair while washing it with shampoo. The oil is also a rich source of protein.

Ways to apply peanut oil to hair

There are several ways how to take advantage of the benefits of peanut oil for hair, as there are several steps that begin

Wash your hair with shampoo first, then heat about 4-5 tablespoons of peanut oil, apply the oil to the scalp and do a gentle massage, then put a shower cap for an hour, then wash your hair with lukewarm water. You should apply this method once a week.

Peanut oil makes hair long

Peanut oil helps hair growth and strengthening, which helps in hair extension, where you can do this recipe for hair extension through peanut oil, where put two teaspoons of peanut oil and egg yolk with 20 ground peanuts, and mix them until The mixture becomes coherent.

Make a hair mask on your scalp, massage it for two minutes, then leave it for an hour or two, then wash it with water, shampoo, and conditioner, and apply this method once a week.

Recipes for peanut oil for hair

Recipe for peanut oil, tea, and lemon

the ingredients

2 tablespoons of peanut oil.

7 drops of tea tree.

7 drops of lemon juice.

How to prepare

Mix the ingredients together until you get a homogeneous texture, apply the mixture to your hair with circular motions, and leave it for 90 minutes, after which you can rinse it with lukewarm water and shampoo, and you can repeat this recipe twice a week.

Recipe for peanut oil, almond oil, and coconut

the ingredients

2 tablespoons of peanut oil.

2 tablespoons of coconut oil.

One tablespoon of almond oil.

How to prepare

Put all the ingredients until they are homogeneous, then put them on your hair and leave them for 120 minutes, and after the time has elapsed, you can rinse your hair with plain water and shampoo.

Damage to peanut oil for hair

Despite the benefits of peanut oil for hair, some people suffer from sensitivity when using peanut oil, and it may lead to some side effects, such as: 

rash and swelling, so it is advised to perform a test on a small patch of hair to ensure that there is no allergy, as well. 

It is preferable to consume peanut oil within 4-6 months because after that it may become susceptible to spoilage.

It is also advised not to leave peanut oil on the hair overnight, as it stops the production of natural sebum and works to close the pores of the scalp.


There are many changes that you can make to improve your hair's health. One simple addition is to switch out your cooking oils, replacing vegetable and other oils with peanut oil. 

Not only will this provide your hair a needed boost in nutrients, but it will also leave your hair feeling soft and manageable all day!

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