Learn with me about the benefits of peanuts for the body

Peanuts are a great source of protein and the body needs anti-oxidants, vitamins, minerals, and healthy fats. 

Peanut butter is also an excellent source of phytonutrients which are nutrients found naturally in plants, flowers, and leaves.

Learn with me about the benefits of peanuts for the body

The nutritional value of peanuts

Peanuts contain nutrients such as energy by 567 kcal, protein 25.8, fat 49.24 g, carbohydrates by 16.13 g, calcium 92 mg, iron 4.58 mg, and sodium 18 mg, and it is considered cholesterol-free.


The total calories in peanuts are 610.88, divided into calories in carbohydrates 64.52, calories in fats 443.16, and calories in protein 103.2.

Percentage of vitamins in peanuts: 

thiamine 0.64 mg, riboflavin 0.14 mg, niacin 12.07 mg, pantothenic acid 1.77 mg, vitamin B6 0.35 mg, final folic acid 240, dietary folate 240, DFE (folic acid) 240, choline 52.5, betaine 0.6, and vitamin E by 8.33.

The percentage of minerals in peanuts: 

calcium 92 mg, iron 4.58 mg, magnesium 168 mg, phosphorus 376 mg, potassium 705 mg, sodium 18 mg, zinc 3.27 mg, copper 1.14 mg, manganese 1.93 mg, and selenium 7.2.

Percentage of proteins and amino acids: 

protein 25.8 grams, various essential amino acids including tryptophan 0.25 grams, threonine 0.88 grams, leucine 0.91 grams, leucine 1.67 grams, lysine 0.93 grams, methionine 0.32 grams, phenylalanine 1.34 grams, essential amino acid 1.08 grams, and acid Amino 0.65 grams, and contains non-essential amino acids: 

methionine 0.32 grams, cysteine 0.33 grams, phenylalanine 1.34 grams, tyrosine 1.05 grams, arginine 3.08 grams, alanine 1.02, glycine 1.55 grams, proline 1.14 grams, and serine 1.27 grams.

Carbohydrates present in peanuts: 

the group of carbohydrates is 16.13 grams, fiber is 8.5 grams, and sugars are 3.97 grams.

Fatty acids and fats present in peanuts: fat 49.24 grams, total saturated fatty acids 6.83 grams, total monounsaturated fatty acids 24.43 grams, and total polyunsaturated fatty acids 15.56 grams.

The benefits of peanuts for the body

It is considered healthy for patients with heart and arteries because it contains unsaturated oils and plant sterols that reduce harmful cholesterol in the body. 

It also prevents sterols by preventing the absorption of cholesterol in the intestines and stomach, which effectively contributes to improving the health of the heart and arteries, preventing their hardening and reducing the risk of clots.

It contains a high percentage of antioxidants such as polyphenols that fight free radicals in the body and prevent cancer.

It enhances the beauty of the skin because it contains vitamin E, which fights wrinkles. It also contains oils that maintain skin moisture and renew its cells. Its antioxidant content protects the skin from damage caused by ultraviolet sunlight.

Reduces blood pressure because it contains resveratrol, which adjusts the level of hormones in the body, which contributes to reducing blood pressure.

It improves mental abilities and brain functions because it contains fats that protect nerves from damage as a result of aging, and is also very useful for preventing dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.


Truly, many scientific studies have been done on the benefits of peanuts. They are a good source of protein, vitamin E, and antioxidants.

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