Learn with me about Moroccan Ghassoul and its aesthetic benefits for hair

 Ghassoul is a super-simple method of applying Moroccan Clay to your hair. It works by wrapping your hair in Moroccan clay, then sealing it with a warm iron. 

Ghassoul benefits immediately, as it softens and smoothes the cuticle of your hair while adding natural shine and body without weighing it down or making it oily.

Here is some information about Moroccan Ghasoul, its method of use and types:

Moroccan Ghassoul and its aesthetic benefits for hair

Learn with me about Moroccan Ghassoul and its aesthetic benefits for hair

- You can go to any popular market from those that are full of ancient Moroccan cities, and ask any popular cosmetic store or apothecary about Ghassoul powder, which comes in the 

form of a powder or powder, which requires you to knead it with a small amount of water, the juice of half a lemon and a tablespoon of olive oil .

- Ghassoul comes in many colors, including grey, black, brown, navy, pink, etc., and each of these colors has its own advantages; As it symbolizes the metal that dominates 

the composition of this lotion, and therefore you can choose every time from something new; To get the desired benefits, you can mix more than one color together, and thus get a richer ghassoul mixture.

Moroccan Ghassoul and its aesthetic benefits for hair

- Brush your hair well and get rid of tangles and impurities in it, and then put this mixture on it that you prepared, starting from the roots to the ends. Make sure that it reaches all areas of your hair, from roots to ends, then put a plastic cap over it and wait at least two hours.

- Rinse after that with warm and cold water, using the usual shampoo that you use and the conditioner that suits your hair type, and then dry it carefully, without exposing it to hot air, but rather with a thick towel to absorb all the water in a period of not less than thirty minutes.

Moroccan Ghassoul and its aesthetic benefits for hair

Detach carefully, and repeat the use of the mixture on your hair at least twice a week in the event that it is completely dry and damaged.

- The lotion rid you of the dandruff stuck in the scalp, and also treats infections and irritations in the scalp such as red alopecia and others, in addition to moisturizing and protecting the hair and restoring strength to its split ends.


Moroccan Ghassoul is the Moroccan equivalent of a natural hair exfoliant. With a simple DIY recipe and many commercial options, this scrub helps remove product build up that can accumulate on your scalp and hair giving you more control over your desired look.

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