Moroccan Argan Oil for strong and healthy nails

Moroccan argan oil is a miracle for the nails. It's a natural oil derived from the Argan tree and is known for having amazing benefits for its skin care properties too. 

In this post, I'll tell you about the perfect pairings of Moroccan argan oil with your beauty regimen.

Moroccan Argan Oil for strong and healthy nails

Here are the ways to use pillar oil; For healthy and strong nails:

1- Cut and file your nails and remove the dead skin around them.

2 - Put two tablespoons of argan oil in a concave plate and squeeze the juice of half a lemon, then soak your fingernails with this mixture for at least half an hour.

3- For your toenails, rub them with the previous mixture and then wear a plastic sock for at least an hour.

4 - After this, rinse all nails with warm water, and put them on them, after drying them with a clean and sterile towel, one tablespoon of argan oil and half a tablespoon of glycerin.

5- Make sure to apply this mixture at least once a week.


The best part about Moroccan Argan Oil is that it has such a pure and natural formula, leaving your nails looking and feeling great. 

Most oils leave your nails feeling oily, but not this one. It absorbs easily without the sticky, greasy residue you see when using other products. 

This oil is readily available online and can be shipped to your home with no trouble at all. For the best results, apply it two times a day and see what happens to your nails.

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