Tea tree oil to fight nail fungus

Tea tree oil is a great essential oil to fight nail fungus. Tea tree oil can be applied to your nails, cuticles, and feet. 

The tea tree oil will kill the fungus that's causing your nail fungus problem, which makes it useful for home remedies for fungal nails and toe fungus.

Tea tree oil to fight nail fungus

Benefits of tea tree oil for the body

Helps speed up the wound-healing process.

Eliminates lice.

Relieves itching caused by insect bites.

Relieves dandruff.

Eliminates bacterial and fungal infections.

It is a powerful cleanser for the skin.

An ideal cleanser that eliminates acne, melasma, and dark circles.

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Benefits of tea tree oil for nails

The problem of fungus that appears on the nails is considered one of the annoying problems that many suffer from, and it causes the appearance of the nails to be completely unpleasant to solve this problem, natural tea tree oil can be used to get rid of these fungi and bacteria, as it is a strong sterilizer and disinfectant.

Tea tree oil is used to treat bacterial nail problems by mixing two drops of tea tree oil with a liter of water, then soaking the nails in the solution for about 5 minutes, or wiping the nails with the solution several times a day until the problem is completely eliminated.


Tea tree oil has been used for many years, both topically and orally, to fight a broad range of bacterial infections, including nail fungus. 

Like other essential oils, tea tree oil needs to be used in moderation. There are few known side effects with the oil itself. 

However, it is an extremely strong substance and can be corrosive if not used correctly. If you're suffering from nail fungus, talk to your doctor about the best course of treatment for you. 

Tea tree oil might be a good solution, but it's always a good idea to consult a medical professional first.

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