The best calories to gain weight for those who suffer from thinness

 I'm a skinny guy (the kind that requires a belt) and I'm here to inform you of the best calories to gain weight. In fact, if you're looking for information on building lean muscle, this article will be very useful.

A calorie diet is the best solution for many, and at the same time calories are also the best for weight gain. 

Because weight is affected by other elements such as fats and proteins, calories are the ones that have a healthy effect on the body by losing or gaining weight.

The best calories to gain weight for those who suffer from thinness

Calories to gain weight

It is known that the body needs calories to maintain or gain weight or even lose weight, and it all depends on our desire to do so through the method of calculating what we eat in terms of calories. his weight

The body by nature needs one calorie per kilogram of body weight per hour, so we must know how to calculate calories with the effort that each person makes. 

Exerting a great physical activity, it needs one and a half calories.

Mathematical method to know the calculation of calories.

If a person weighs 50 kilograms and makes a light physical effort, the calculation of calories per day is as follows:

50 kilograms x 1 calorie x 24 hours time = 1200 calories per day.

If a person weighs 50 kilograms and exerts moderate physical exertion, then he needs calories per day

50 kilograms x 1.4 calories x 24 hours = 1680 calories per day.

If a person weighs 50 kg and exerts a lot of physical effort, he needs calories in the amount of

50 kilograms x 1.5 calories x 24 hours = 1800 calories per day.

These calculations are for those who want to stabilize their weight. As for those who want to increase body weight 

they need daily calories more than those that have been calculated, and any calories that they take in excess according to the calculation given will increase their importance.

High-calorie foods

Pasta or pasta, peanut butter, chocolate used for spreading, sauces used for salads, bread made from wheat, mangoes, figs, bananas, avocados, papayas, dates, nuts such as cashews and walnuts, dairy products and full-fat cheeses and breakfast cereals rich in sugars and vitamins


Healthy eating and proper exercise are the pillars of healthy living. For example, you should consider gaining weight if you have a chronic disease, but care must be taken in the process of gaining weight to ensure healthiness. 

This paper will help to understand which calories should be consumed to gain weight faster, and the precautions to avoid health risks when planning for weight gain.

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