Get rid of oily skin oils and pimple spots with a carrot mask

 Carrot tapioca juice has been used as a face mask for many years. In Asian countries, especially Indonesia, people have been using this remedy for centuries to get rid of oily skin, pimple spots, and blemishes. 

If you have oily skin or pimple problems, why not try the carrot face scrub mask?

Get rid of oily skin oils and pimple spots with a carrot mask

Oily skin is considered one of the shiniest and dull skin types, as it is an oily skin type and has wide pores, so it is easy for dirt and pimples to appear on it.

To get rid of the dullness of the skin and the shine of the face due to the excess oils here is a natural recipe and a natural mask that will rid you of the problems of oily skin, the “carrot mask”.

All you need is a handful of carrots and a little lemon juice.

- A good period before catching the carrots, expose your skin to a steam bath of chamomile or hot water to work on lightening the pores of the skin and secreting all its oils and fats.

- Put the carrots in a pot on the fire and leave it for 15 minutes until it is fully cooked, then work on mashing it and adding a little lemon juice.

Apply the mixture on the skin for 30 minutes and wash your skin with cold water after that.

Know that carrots contain vitamin A, which helps to get rid of extra amounts of skin oils, and lemon juice will close the pores and thus reduce skin oils.


Carrot masks will not only tighten your skin and give it a radiant glow. This simple, DIY mask recipe is approved by dermatologists, and the benefits of the nutrients in carrots are nothing to scoff at. 

It also has added antibacterial properties. Carrots work great for getting rid of pimples, as well as dry, scaly skin. 

And don't worry about the lingering smell; after washing, just one carrot can last you a couple of weeks. 

Carrot masks are ideal for extra oily or sensitive skin because you're pulling out clogged pores and bacteria while tightening them in the process.

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