Natural Essential Oils to Combat Fungus and Improve Skin Health

 It is no secret that natural essential oils can be beneficial to our overall health and well-being. 

From relieving stress to helping with sleep, these powerful plant extracts have been used for centuries as a form of holistic medicine. 

One particular area where essential oils can be especially helpful is in combating fungus and improving skin health. 

Natural Essential Oils to Combat Fungus and Improve Skin Health

Fungal infections are common, particularly on the feet or other areas of the body that stay moist for extended periods. 

These infections often cause redness, itching, burning sensations, and even pain if left untreated; 

fortunately, there are several natural remedies available that may help reduce symptoms associated with fungal infection while promoting healthy skin overall! 

One such remedy comes from tea tree oil 

– derived from an Australian evergreen shrub 

– which has strong antifungal properties due to its high terpinene-4-ol content (a compound found naturally within this oil). 

When applied topically onto affected areas it helps kill off any existing fungus while also preventing future growth; this makes it ideal for treating athlete’s foot or jock itch! 

Additionally, its anti-inflammatory qualities make it great at reducing discomfort caused by irritation brought on by fungal overgrowth too!  

 Another popular option is oregano oil 

– obtained through steam distillation of fresh oregano leaves 

- which contains carvacrol (an active ingredient known to inhibit microbial growth) as well as thymol (a potent antioxidant). 

When combined together they create a powerful combination capable not only killing off fungi but also protecting against further infection due to their antimicrobial effects; 

making them perfect when dealing with stubborn cases like ringworm or candidiasis amongst others… 

 Last but not least we have lavender essential oil 

- extracted via steam distillation from lavender flowers 

- whose antiseptic properties make it useful in treating minor cuts/scrapes/burns plus more importantly fighting against bacterial & fungal overgrowth thanks largely in part to the linalool found within this extract. 

Not only does linalool act directly upon microbes causing them harm but research suggests that regular use may even reduce inflammation-related issues such as acne & eczema too!   

 All three aforementioned oils offer unique benefits when trying to combat fungus & improve skin health however one should always remember safety first before using any type of product containing essential oils: 

do some research beforehand regarding proper dilution ratios plus patch test prior to full application just in case of allergic reactions occur afterward etc… With all said and done though

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