Revitalize Skin With Coffee Face Mask - Natural & Nourishing

As the days start to get longer and warmer, it’s time to give your skin some extra nourishment. 

Coffee face masks are a great way to revitalize tired, dull-looking skin and restore its natural glow. 

Not only do they smell amazing but coffee is full of antioxidants that help protect against environmental damage while also providing essential nutrients for healthy cell growth. 

Revitalize Skin With Coffee Face Mask - Natural & Nourishing

Coffee face masks can be made easily at home using ingredients you probably already have in your kitchen cupboard such as ground coffee beans, honey, or yogurt for added hydration and exfoliation benefits. 

The caffeine from the beans helps reduce puffiness around the eyes while stimulating circulation which gives your complexion an energized look by boosting collagen production - something we all need! 

To make this mask simply mix together 2 tablespoons of ground coffee with 1 tablespoon of honey or yogurt until a paste forms then spread evenly over clean damp skin avoiding contact with eyes (as always). 

Leave on for 10 minutes before rinsing off thoroughly with warm water followed by moisturizer if desired - simple yet effective! 

 Not only does this mask smell delicious but it will leave you feeling refreshed after just one treatment so why not try adding it into your weekly skincare routine? You won’t regret giving yourself some much needed TLC every now and again! 

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